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Intelus, Founded by former Microsoft Research and Salesforce executives, announces its formation and mission as a company

No-code AI: Former Microsoft and Salesforce execs reveal new ‘machine teaching’ startup Intelus

“It’s the first step in the company’s larger plan to make artificial intelligence more accessible to a wider set of businesses and organizations.”-Todd Bishop, Geekwire

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Unstructured Data

No labels? No problem! The Intelus Duet experience starts with your unstructured text: no labeling, no labeled directives required. Begin by exploring your data and build the data schema that you need on-the-fly, to create the best classification for the data at hand.

Create your features. Create your model

Featuring, not labeling! Build your knowledge and judgement into features to help the Intelus Duet correctly decide how to classify your unstructured data. You don’t need many features to guide the system to make highly accurate predictions across the entire data set.

Publish and Iterate

It’s time to publish those first AI models! Utilizing a Git-based operations infrastructure, checkpoint, test, and then create the easy-to-access REST API endpoints you need. But wait - it’s not a one-time process! Your data will change, your classification needs will change. Intelus Duet makes it easy to quickly make and release model modifications to address new requirements.

Our Approach

Our Machine Teaching approach allows the domain expert to participate directly in building custom AI models when not enough labeled data exists. The interactive and iterative process converts human knowledge into the necessary artifacts to train a machine learning model. The doma...

Congratulations to Riham Mansour

The Fisher Center for Business Analytics at the Berkeley Haas School of Business Nominates Riham Mansour, Intelus Chief Product Officer, for the 2021 “Woman of the Year”.

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